Yoda in the Officers' Club

Yoda is a very powerful Jedi master, who is nearly 900-years-old. Grand Master of the Jedi Order, the aged Jedi has trained hundreds of Jedi before and during the Clone Wars. He can be found in the Officers' Club, where he will give you a quest. He also appears in Card Commander, and Galactic Forces, as well as the beginning of the game, briefing new players.

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Yoda Holoprojector Edit


Yoda Holoprojector

The Yoda Holoprojector is a Holoprojector that allows a player to appear as Yoda for a short amount of time. Unlike most holoprojectors, the Yoda holoprojector is the only part of the set and costs SC icon300.


Yoda's LightsaberEdit

Yoda's lightsaber can be recieved after completing the Lightsaber Duel: Ataru Mastery Pack


The quest Yoda will give you is to kill one of Count Dooku's Sith Acolytes named Wiffa Zett. Complete this quest to earn Republic Credits and a new ability. Complete this quest and another quest given by Commander Jet to win the "Weapon Master" title.

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