The Jedi Temple workshop appears as a small maintenance room. It can be entered through a door located on the right side of the first floor in the Shops area. The workshop is filled with many droid parts and scrapped ship equipment. Many

The Workshop

droids can be found here. A large table is found in the middle where Jedi padawans are analzing a captured battle droid. A Technician Station can be found here. A Coruscant Mission Terminal can be found here, offering missions to players. Each mission requires players to complete a random level in Rocket Rescue, Droid Programming, or Infiltration. When completed, players earn Republic Credits and Coruscant Mission Tokens. All quests in this room grant players one Coruscant Mission Token.




Gearheads and tinkerers will feel right at home with these objects used in the Temple


Furniture found in the Workshop


Furniture in the Workshop became available for purchase by September 2, 2011. There are a total of four items in this set, which are all replicas of the furniture seen in the Workshop. A Jedi membership is required to purchase these items.

  • Droid Diagnostic Machine - RC icon 800
  • Hanging Light - RC icon 250
  • Rack - RC icon 150
  • Table - RC icon 500