Troopers of Wolfpack in battle on Iceberg Three.

Wolfpack, commanded by Clone trooper Commander Wolffe and Jedi General Plo Koon, is a well known and close-knit Clone Trooper squad in the Clone Wars. Wolfpack, so far, makes their appearance on Iceberg Three and as a special ability in Republic Defender, which can be unlocked after completing Mission on Iceberg Three.

Mini-games Edit

Republic Defender Edit

The Wolfpack special ability spawns several Wolfpack clone troopers, and acts similarly to the Jedi Heroes. The Clone troopers deal heavy amounts of damage to all ground units with even more efficiency than Jedi Heroes. The Wolfpack ability can only can be used in Challenges and the Emergency Evacuation level in Mission on Iceberg Three.

Gear Edit

Wolfpack Rocket JetpackEdit

"Everyone will see you waving from great heights with this jetpack!"

-Store Description

The Wolfpack Rocket Jetpack armor is a one-piece gear set. Is a standard Wolfpack trooper with a jetpack. The cost is 1800 Credits.

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