Wolffe 2
Faction Galactic Republic
Rank Clone Commander
Species Clone

Commander Wolffe is a clone trooper commander during the Clone Wars and is the leader of Wolfpack.

He and Plo Koon are the player's advisers for the campaign, Mission on Iceberg Three. Wolffe can be identified by the grey markings on his Clone Trooper armor.

Outfits Edit

Phase II Commander Wolffe Edit

Commander Wolffe's custom phase II armor maintains his intimidating look while updating his gear with the latest improvements.
—Official description

Phase II Commander Wolffe was released on October 7, 2011. It is based on the armor that Wolffe wears from Season Four of the television series onwards, having several gray markings as well as a customized Phase II helmet. The outfit set requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Armor - RC icon8000
  • Boots -RC icon2500
  • Gloves -RC icon2500
  • Helmet -RC icon8000

Commander Wolffe Edit


Wolffe's Phase I armor

This is the armor of Commander Wolffe! As a veteran Clone trooper, Wolffe served alongside Jedi Master Plo Koon aboard the Triumphant.
—Official description

This outfit set requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.


Commander Wolffe's Armor
RC icon7000


Commander Wolffe's Boots
RC icon2000


Commander Wolffe's Gloves
RC icon2000


Commander Wolffe's Helmet
RC icon5000

Snow Commander Wolffe Edit


Wolffe in Snowtrooper armor

This cold weather gear, originally worn by veteran clone Commander Wolffe, is sure to keep you warm on an icy system.
—Official description

This outfit set requires Station Cash to purchase.

  • Wolffe's Snow Armor - SC icon 200
  • Wolffe's Snow Boots - SC icon 50
  • Wolffe's Snow Gloves - SC icon 50
  • Wolffe's Snow Helmet - SC icon 100

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