Vigilance and negotiator

These modified chromium-plated pistols were manufactured by Theed Arms and presented to Captain Rex to thank him for helping prevent the deadly Blue Shadow Virus from being released on Naboo.

The Vigilance and Negotiator are chrome blaster pistols that could only be obtained by participating in Clone Wars Adventures' 1st Anniversary celebration, but became purchasable afterwards. They are prototypes of Captain Rex's regular blasters.

Vigilance Edit

Players who logged into the game on September 16, 2011 received Vigilance as a free anniversary gift.


All players who logged into the game on September 16, 2011 also received the Negotiator as a free gift. Although, it was originally planned that the Negotiator could only be obtained by purchasing Station Cash on that day, but this idea was cancelled. After September 16, both the Vigilance and the Negotiator became available for purchase for SC icon 299 each.

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