Turret Tactics is one of the smaller minigames in Clone Wars Adventures. Turret Tactics is only available to players who purchase the Gunnery Room for SC icon 600.

Not only is Turret Tactics the first mini-game with a launch inside of a house, but it is also the first time players can effectively purchase a mini-game.


Turret Tactics is classified as a shooter type game, and the goal is to shoot down moving targets that fly past the screen before they dissapear in order to gain a high amount of points. In the game, there are three types of targets, each having their own point values.

  • Mechanical Skeet targets award 300 points
  • Gold Skeet targets award 600 points
  • Thermal Detonoators will award 50 points and will destroy surrounding targets with double their normal score.
  • Missing a target will subtact 50 points.
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