All ranks of the Turbolaser Battery

The Turbolaser Battery is a type of turret in the minigame Republic Defender. It is unlocked after finishing the third and final Cristophsis level.

The Turbolaser Battery deals a great amount of damage to droids and vehicles of all types. It deals the most damage out of all turrets (with the exception of a charged up Deactivator) making this turret a great choice to use against heavily armored vehicles. This turret lacks two crucial factors, which are range and fire rate. The Turbolaser's poor range and fire rate can make it hard to hit a single target multiple times. To reduce these disadvantages, always place a turret that can slow down/paralyze enemies near the Turbolaser Battery. Gravity Generators are the best choice, but the Ion Cannon or Ion Repeater will work as well.

Upgraded to rank 3, the Turbolaser Battery can fire two lasers in one round, making up for its slow rate of fire and range. It also gains an amazing damage boost. When upgraded to rank 5, the Turbolaser has the absolute best attack power of all turrets. Upgrading this turret to rank five gives it the ability to fire three lasers in one round. It is also extremely effective against the largest of vehicles, being able to take down an octupturra droid in about two to three hits. In the last stage of the Genosis Saga, the Turbolaser Battery Rank 5 can really be effective against the Super Tank.


Rank 5 Turbolaser

The Rank 5 Turbolaser Battery

These powerful turbolaser batteries will deter all but the most armored foes.

-Store Description

On September 23, 2011 Turbolaser Batteries were introduced in the form of furniture under the name Turbolaser Turrets. There are five different variations of the Turbolaser Battery, each following the color schemes of the ranks. They are interactive as they will release large green lasers when clicked on.

  • Turbolaser Turret I - SC icon45
  • Turbolaser Turret II - SC icon50
  • Turbolaser Turret III - SC icon70
  • Turbolaser Turret IV - SC icon75
  • Turbolaser Turret V - SC icon100