Super trooper

The Super Trooper outfit (pistols not included)

The limited production Super Trooper armor set was built for maximum offensive power.

The Super Trooper is an outfit set that was added with the launch of Clone Wars Adventures. The Super Trooper outfit appears as a heavily armored suit that contains several yellow markings as well as a rocket pack and wrist blasters. Station Cash is needed to purchase this outfit. Super Troopers have not appeared in the Clone Wars series or any of the Star Wars live action movies, and are most likely based on the Super Troopers seen in the video game, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.


  • Armor - SC icon300
  • Boots - SC icon100
  • Gloves - SC icon200
  • Helmet - SC icon150
  • Occasionally, NPCs can be seen wearing this outfit
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