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Star Typer is an Action-type mini-game in Clone Wars Adventures in which players must type the correct keys that appear on Vulture Droids to destroy them. The more Vulture droids destroyed in a row, without error, the higher multiplier the player will receive. At the end of each round, players must type full words in order to defeat the boss, General Grievous's starfighter. An error in typing will result in a life being lost.


  • Typawan Learner - Obtain a Star Typer 3x multiplier on Easy difficulty.
  • Jedi Keyer - Obtain a Star Typer 5x multiplier on Medium difficulty.
  • Master Typist - Obtain a Star Typer 7x mulitplier on Hard difficulty.
  • Vulture Destroyer - Destroy 1000 vulture droids (lifetime Star Typer games).
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