Scratch in His Cave

Scratch in her Cave on Felucia


Players attacking Scratch on Felucia.

is the Mother Rancor on Felucia and is the hardest type of rancor to beat. If you beat her, she will supply you with 2 Felucia Mission Tokens. These tokens will be given to you by Clone Commando Boss. She will only give you the 2 tokens per week (you will get a quest telling you how to get the tokens) to prevent her from being farmed. However, you can kill her as many times as you wish. As big as she is, she is rather hard to find. You will not be able to beat her alone unless you revive multiple times. Scratch also has a cave you will be able to see on the map. If you go in the cave you will find Young Rancors. Be careful when battling them to avoid being swarmed. (Note that if you attack Scratch in a group, you must deal significant damage to her in order to recieve the quest)
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