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Saber Strike is a mini-game where the player's goal is to throw their lightsaber at a set number of droids in the levels. In early stages this is simple as when you throw the lightsaber it bounces off walls and destroys the battle droid enemies. Later on it becomes increasingly more dificult because of other droids that can take more than one hit or need to have their shields taken down. There are also obstactles that can electrically short your saber.


Saber Strike provides four levels of difficulty:

  • Easy: Set in a training area, this stage introduces the player to the basics of the game. (Levels 1-6 are available to non-members)
  • Medium: Set on Maridun.
  • Hard: Based on Orto Plutonia, the Difficulty is increased much further.
  • Insane: On Felucia, contains more thought provoking levels.


Each level has a different set of challenges. They can include:

  • Annihilation: All Droids must be destroyed.
  • Sudden Death: Destroy as many droids with a single throw as possible.
  • Against the Clock: A set amount of droids have to be destroyed in a designated time limit.
  • High Score: A large score must be reached to complete the challenge.
  • Padawan: The Lightsaber is smaller.
  • Mega Droids: The droids have tougher armour.
  • Hard Mode: A more difficult version of the original level.
  • No Power-Ups: No power-ups are available.
  • Magnetized: All the walls are magnetic and so absorb the lightsaber.

Once all the challenges have been completed, the player is rewarded the title of "Saber Master".



The different obstacles in the levels can include:

  • Garbage compactor
  • Turret
  • Brainwasher
  • Control Panel
  • Force Fields
  • Magnetic Walls
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