Repeater Cannon

The Repeater Cannon, a variant of the Rotary Blaster Cannon.

Rotary Blaster Cannon
Rotary Blaster Cannon
Store image
Damage amount Low
Damage type Cone effect
Reload speed Slow
Cost SC icon 300

The Rotary Blaster Cannon, formally known as the Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, is a large minigun type weapon wielded by Clone Troopers and can be used in the Battle of Umbara. It was originally a part of the Hevy outift, but was later added to other Clone Trooper outfit sets. A mandalorian version with the same abilities [deflector shield and rapid fire] known as the Mandalorian Repeater has been released on 12/6/2013. It has two variants, one is the Mandalorian Repeater which is used by Mandalorians and fires yellow bolts and the other variant is the Repeater Cannon which is basically the same as the z 6 except has a higher rate of fire.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

The Rotary Blaster Cannon has the ability to release several shots in one attack. The shots fire in a spread out fashion, allowing this weapon to deal damage to more than one enemy at a time. The Rotary Blaster Cannon is very weak, each shot dealing little below 100 damage. Reaload time is slow, however, due to the long duration of this weapon's attack, the Rotary Blaster Cannon can deal constant damage without interruption if the player repeatedly taps the attack key.

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