Republic Missile Launcher
Missile Launcher
Store image
Damage amount Very high
Damage type AoE
Reload speed Slow
Cost Jedi icon RC icon 25,000

The Republic Missile Launcher is a type of weapon used by Clone Troopers to combat heavily armored enemy forces, including vehicles. It has the ability to fire rockets which deal massive damage.

Specific actionsEdit

By clicking the designated weapon move in the actions list, players can perform several actions with this weapon.

  • Brandish - The player will take aim
  • Weapon Move I - The player spins and fires two shots
  • Weapon Move II - The player fires three shots into the air
  • Weapon Move III - The player fires four shots in different directions

Battle of UmbaraEdit

In Battle of Umbara, the Republic Missile Launcher deals massive damage and has a very large blast radius. It will defeat most units in one shot and deal slightly less damage to other units around the targeted unit. It is also one of the most effective weapons to use against Umbaran hover tanks and starfighters. In return for its power, the Republic Missile Launcher has a very slow recharge time.

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