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The Republic Credit, more simply known as the Credit, serves as the main currency for Clone Wars Adventures. It can be used to buy items from the store though they can only be used by Jedi members and can also change a character's species.

Obtaining Credits Edit

Republic Credits can be obtained in numerous ways, most commonly by playing mini-games and daily activities. The number of credits received after completing a mini-game depends on how difficult the mini-game is and how well the player performed on it. In other words, a difficult, long mini-game will earn players more credits than a small, short mini-game. Players will receive little to no credits if they lose/quit a mini-game.

Credits can also be obtained at the Republic Credits marketplace, which can be found below the Boost Points section in the shop window, in exchange for Station Cash. The exchange rate from Station Cash to Republic Credits is shown in the table below. SC icon 100 roughly equals RC icon 1,000.

Station CashRepublic Credits

Bonus Edit


On some mini-games a daily double (double credits day) will occur, giving players twice the amount of credits that they earned.

Combat ZonesEdit

While on Umbara, by defeating a CIS Dropship, you will be granted the Double Credit buff, which doubles the number of Credits you earn through PvE, Credit Orbs in the Jedi Temple, and Tournament Prize Packs.


The Saint Patrick's Day, Lucky Clone Trooper Gear set, gives players a fifty-percent Credit Buff increase only through Saint Patrick's Day.

Republic Credits Orbs Edit


Credit orb worth 25 credits

Republic Credits Orbs are objects that grant a player a small amount of Republic Credits. They first appeared during Clone Wars Adventures first annual life day celebration.


Credit orb worth 100 credits

Orbs appear at random throughout the Jedi Temple and can be obtained by simply clicking on them. There are two types of Republic Credit orbs each granting a different amount of credits. Blue orbs grant the player RC icon 25 while rarer yellow orbs grant the player RC icon 100.

Republic Credits Orbs were originally known as Life Day Orbs during Life Day, also during which, they appeared as only Orbs, instead of the Republic Emblem. If you receive them while you have the double enemy credits powerup, you get double the cash.

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