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The most famous astromech in the Star Wars saga, R2-D2 serves Anakin Skywalker and attaches to his starfighter. R2-D2 has blue markings on him. R2-D2 can be found next to Anakin Skywalker in the hanger.

R2-D2 is available for purchase in the game store for 4,000 Republic Credits for Jedi Members. Like most other Companions, he can be fitted with attachments such as the thruster jets, which R2-D2 uses during Episode 2. R2 gives a Critical Hit Up buff in combat zones when he is summoned.

R2-D2 also offers a quest on Coruscant. His quest asks players to complete a random level of Starfighter. Doing so will grant players Republic Credits and Coruscant Mission Tokens.

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