ZOrbital Strike

Orbital Strike

The Orbital Strike is a speial ability in the games Republic Defender and Galactic Forces.

Republic DefenderEdit

In Republic Defender, the Orbital Strike is unlocked after completing Fork in the Road.The Orbital Strike special ability allows as many turbolaser blasts from an orbiting attack cruiser as the player wishes until a time limit is up. The large turbolaser blasts have a wide damage radius, wider than that of the Mortar Cannon or Thermal Grenade Turret. The blasts can only deal moderate to minimal damage, making this a poor special ability to use against any vehicles stronger than the AAT. This special ability only works best to your advantage when used against groups of basic groud units such as the B1 Battle Droid or the Commando Droid.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, the Orbital Strike is a powerful special ability and is only available if you have a rank 3 Comm Tower. The Orbital Strike functions exactly as it does in Republic Defender and is powerful against infantry and vehicles alike. Unlike Republic Defender, however, Republic Orbital Strike laser fire appears blue.