“Clone Wars Adventures is a great place for fans to experience a unique storyline that will not appear in the series, but will add extra relevance to the events they will see in our fourth season premiere.” -Dave Filoni, on the new game storyline.

Mission on Iceberg Three is the third minigame Saga in Clone Wars Adventures. It was released on July 15, 2011, and was created as an introduction to Season 4 of the Clone Wars television series. Mission on Iceberg Three takes place on Iceberg Three, one of the moons of Dac (also known as Mon Calamari). Only the first stage is available for non-members and beating the campaign awards players with the Title, "Hero of the 104th", a special trophy, and the Wolfpack ability in Republic Defender

Mission on Iceberg Three

Mission on Iceberg Three

The Mission on Iceberg Three Trailer

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IcebergapproachIceberg Approach
Surprise invasion! General Plo Koon and his forces arrive in the Calamari system only to find it being overrun by Separatist forces! With only a handful of worlds yet to fall, the fleet makes a desperate run for the frozen world known as Iceberg Three!
RacetothetowerRace to the Tower
System in peril! As the Separatist invasion forces sweep through the Calamari system, a lone LAAT gunship races across Iceberg Three to reach the last remaining Communications Tower. Will the Jedi Council be notified before it's too late?
EmergencyevacuationEmergency Evacuation
Evacuation! As the Calamari system falls deeper into Separatist control, Master Plo Koon and his forces attempt to move the remaining inhabitants of Iceberg Three offworld to the safety of a Republic base. Hold off the advancing Droid Army until the last transport has escaped!
FrozenshowdownFrozen Showdown
General Grievous, intent on securing victory in the Calamari system, arrives on the frozen world of Iceberg Three to personally lead the attack. Are you strong enough to defeat him in one on one combat and return to Master Plo Koon's fleet?

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