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The Missile turret is a type of turret in the minigame Republic Defender. It is unlocked after completing the second Felucia level.

The Missile turret is an air-only turret. Its great range, fast firing rate, and ability to hit multiple air units at a time makes it a great turret to use against weaker air units, such as the STAP. The Missile turret is also very cheap, making it easy to upgrade. The only major factor that the Missile turret lacks is attack power. This makes the missile turret a very bad choice to use against strong air units like the Vulture Droid. It is always recommended to put several missile turrets along the path due to their weak attack power. You will find that a single missile turret will struggle to take down even just a single STAP.

When upgraded the rank 3, the missile turret gains a considerable amount of attack power and will be able to fire more missiles per round. Upgraded to rank 5, the missile turret gains a massive amount of damage, completely cancelling out its problem of low attack power. Rank 5 missile turrets are great for destroying stronger air units that fly in groups.

Cost (Republic Defender)Edit

  • Rank 1= 150
  • Rank 2= 225
  • Rank 3= 350
  • Rank 4= 625
  • Rank 5= 1100


Rank 5 Missile Turret

The Rank 5 missile Turret

The payload offered up with these missile turrets will have any Droids thinking about an ariel attack quaking in their boots!

-Store Description

On September 16, 2011, full-scale missile turrets were introduced in the form of furniture. There are six different variations of the Missile Turret, each following the color schemes of the ranks. They are interactive, firing missiles into the air when clicked on, and require Station Cash to purchase.

  • Missile Turret I - SC icon45
  • Missile Turret II - SC icon50
  • Missile Turret III - SC icon70
  • Missile Turret IV - SC icon75
  • Missile Turret V - SC icon100