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The Lightsaber is the most famous weapon in the Star Wars universe and is a weapon that frequently appears in the Clone Wars Adventures, used primarily by Jedi and Sith. Lightsabers make appearances in both minigames and outfit sets.

Without a Jedi Membership, you will only have access to a few lightsabers and will not have the ability to customize them. The customize section of the My Character window is right at the top below the equiped gear bar. The player may change the colour of the beam depending on what lightsabers the have purchased from the in-game shop. A Jedi Membership gives you the ability to wield two lightsabers at once (With the exception of Ahsoka's Offhand Lightsaber and all Double-bladed lightsabers) and color customize them.

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Lightsabers can come in a wide range of colors and appearances. A lightsaber's color and shape depends on the type of crystal it contains. Every purchaseable lightsaber in the in-game store has its own color and shape crystal. A Jedi Membership gives you the ability to mix and customize lightsaber crystals with different lightsaber hilts, providing a much wider range of customization. Below is a list of lightsaber crystals and how they can be obtained.

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