Housing items are those related to a player character's home and it's contents. A house is a player character's home in which items can be stored, and can be customised with modules and furniture. Modules are used to add additional rooms to houses, whilst furniture is used to decorate them.

Houses Edit

Felucian Lot 64
Felucian Lot
Geonosis Open Lot 64
Geonosis Open Lot
Sith Academy Lot 64
Sith Academy Lot
Maridun Open Lot
Maridun Open Lot
Orto Plutonia Open Lot
Orto Plutonia Open Lot
Carlac Lot
Attack Cruiser House 64
Attack Cruiser House
Mustafar Lot 64
Mustafar Lot
Ryloth Lot 64
Ryloth Lot
Iceberg Three Lot
Kamino Lot
Kamino Lot
Asteroid Lot
Umbaran Lot
Umbaran Lot

Modules Edit

Jedi Living Quarters modules Edit

Party Pad 64
Party Pad
Hidden Armory 64
Hidden Armory
Droid Destruction Room 64
Droid Destruction Room
Personal Hangar 64
Personal Hangar

Attack Cruiser modules Edit

Attack Cruiser Gunnery Room 64
Attack Cruiser Gunnery Room

Furniture Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

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