The Geonosis Saga is a storyline series of mini-games about the Second Battle of Geonosis. Players team up with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Admiral Yularen and Captain Breaker to claim the planet of Geonosis from the Separatist Army.

Different stages of the saga use different minigames: Republic Defender, Republic Gunship, Saber Strike and Starfighter.

Completing the Geonosis Saga will reward player with a special trophy and the title ", Hero of Geonosis"

Stages Edit

Push for Point RainPush for Point Rain
Battle begins! Republic forces have launched their invasion of Geonosis, intent on destroying the secret Separatist Droid foundries located on the planet's surface! As the Geonosians rally a defense, the Republic must get their strike teams to Point Rain in the face of heavy resistance!
Destroy the RelayDestroy the Relay
As the opening exchanges of the Second Battle of Geonosis begin, the Republic has sent a LAAT Gunship behind enemy lines to eliminate a key Separatist installation. Success would serve to sever Geonosian communications in the sector, but failure could spell defeat for more than just the elite crew of the gunship!
Second Battle of GeonosisSecond Battle of Geonosis
Battle rages on Geonosis! General Obi-Wan Kenobi's depleted strike force is pinned down on the surface as more Confederate tanks close in. Admiral Wullf Yularen has sent a small contingent of Y-Wings to assist, but will they arrive in time to save the Jedi?
Point Rain DefensePoint Rain Defense
Conflict on Geonosis! As the second battle for the planet rages on, Poggle the Lesser launches a surprise counter-attack to overrun the Point Rain landing zone!
Weapon of ChoiceWeapon of Choice
Droids on the defensive! Help the clone attackers advance by defeating the Droid forces!
Forced EntryForced Entry
B2 Blockade! These power-ups can help or hinder, so choose wisely!
Power Slicer peril! Time your throw carefully to avoid the pacing Power Slicers!
B2 BreakthroughB2 Breakthrough
Droids on the offensive! B2 Droids are protected by heavy armor, so take caution when engaging them!
Timing BeltTiming Belt
Separatist invasion! Fight back against the Droids and avoid the magnetic walls!
Ray Shield AttackRay Shield Attack
Desperate maneuvers! As Republic forces close in on the Droid Foundry, Poggle the Lesser dispatches a battalion of Droids to retake the damaged Ray Shield Fortress!
Foundry FlankFoundry Flank
Last stand! As the battle turns in the Republic's favor, Poggle the Lesser sends one final assault to outflank General Skywalker! Now Republic forces dig in to stop their advance, but will they be enough to hold the Separatists at bay?
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