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The Galactic Republic is one of the two factions involved in the Clone Wars, the other being the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Its military arm is the Grand Army of the Republic.

Grand Army of the Republic Edit


The Grand Army of the Republic

The Grand Army of the Republic, often abbreviated as the Republic, is the Galactic Republic's army of Clone Trooper forces and is headed by Chancellor Palpatine. During the Clone Wars, their main opponent is the Separatist Droid Army.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In the minigame Galactic Forces, the Grand Army of the Republic is a playable team. The Republic has vehicles with higher health, and has stronger infantry, compared to the Separatist forces. Although the Republic's vehicles and infantry are superior to those of the Separatists, Republic buildings are usually more expensive than those of Separatist ones and are more difficult to upgrade. The Republic also does not have many good units that can target multiple enemies. In short the Grand Army of the Republic is a suitable team for players who tend to rely on infantry, or prefer single-targeting units.



Light Armor

Heavy Weapons

The Republic Navy in orbit around Geonosis.

Vehicles Edit

Republic Vehicles Pack I Edit

  • BARC Speeder with Sidecar - Jedi iconRC icon 2000
  • BARC Speeder - Jedi iconRC icon 1500
  • AT-RT - Jedi iconRC icon 1000

Republic Vehicles Pack II Edit

  • Rustic Zephyr-G - Jedi iconRC icon 500
  • Black Starhawk - Jedi iconRC icon 750
  • Blue-Striped BARC Speeder - Jedi iconRC icon 1000

Felucia Vehicle FurnitureEdit

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