Flamethrower Clone Troopers on Orto Plutonia.

The Flamethrower Clone Trooper is a specialized type of clone trooper that was trained to use flamethrowers and other incendiary devices. This unit makes an appearance as in the Galactic Forces mini-game.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, the Flamethrower Trooper is a Republic infantry unit, and will spawn from Rank 3 Flamethrower Trooper Barracks. Their appearance in this mini-game differs from the outfit set, looking somewhat similar to a desert-camouflaged ARC Trooper. Being Rank 3 infantry units, they are possibly the best infantry unit to use against weaker Rank 1 and 2 enemy infantry. When attacking, they will spray fire upon their enemies, dealing splash damage to up to four enemies at once. Although the Flamethrower Troopers are powerful, they do not have the attack power of a Sniper Clone Trooper or the sufficient amount of defense to stand up against vehicles.


Flamethrower Clone Trooper 64
This Flame trooper armor is designed to counter a blaze, and is sure to keep you cool in any high-heat situation!

This set was released to promote the Geonosis Saga. It was based on the Flamethrower Clone Troopers that appeared in the episode "Landing on Point Rain". This outfit set's design is similar to the Clone Snowtrooper however it is colored brown and yellow. It was also the first to include the Republic Flamethrower weapon.

  • Flamethrower Clone Trooper Armour
    SC icon 100
  • Flamethrower Clone Trooper Boots
    SC icon 50
  • Flamethrower Clone Trooper Gloves
    SC icon 50
  • Flamethrower Clone Trooper Helm
    SC icon 50
  • Republic Flamethrower
    SC icon 300


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