Fives was a clone trooper during the Clone Wars and later became a prominent member of the 501st Legion. Several outfit sets were made based on the clone trooper armor Fives wore throughout the Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He is also one of the players' advisors for the Battle of Umbara.

Outfits Edit

ARC Trooper Fives Edit

After proving himself as a cadet in Domino Squad, Fives went on to earn this ARC Trooper armor.
—Official description

ARC Trooper Fives is a clone trooper outfit set that is based on the ARC Trooper armor Fives wore from season three of the television series. It followed the ARC Trooper armor outfit set model that had several blue markings and alternating blue and grey striped boots. The armor contains a blue triangle and the helmet bears an illustration of a rishi eel.

  • Armor - RC icon 1,900

    Fives at the Battle of Umbara awaiting the arrival of a Jedi Knight

  • Boots - RC icon 300
  • Gloves - RC icon 300
  • Helmet - RC icon 800

ARC Trooper Fives Phase II Edit

Umbarans will surely think twice about fighting you when they see you wearing Fives' upgraded Phase II gear!
—Official description

ARC Trooper Fives Phase II is a clone trooper outfit set that is based on Fives' phase II armor in season four of the television series onwards. Compared to its phase I counterpart, the markings are a darker shade of blue and outfit, over all, appears bulkier. There are also major differences in helmet design and minor differences in boot and glove design.

  • Armor - RC icon 2,000
  • Boots - RC icon 400
  • Gloves - RC icon 400
  • Helmet - RC icon 800

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