Felucia is a jungle planet and was the site of a major Separatist stronghold during the Clone Wars, and where various mini-games have stages set. It is also a combat zone where you can find many quests and missions.

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In order to enter the Felucia combat zone, you must have a rank of 4 or higher in your Battle Class. EX: Sergeant 1, Adept 1, Privateer 1, or Apprentice 1. If you are a non-member, you may talk to Parsec, Boss, and Carg They will give you a daily quest. If you are a Jedi Member, you can also talk to Boss, Carg, but you can activate a mission at the Mission Terminal.

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074 cwa felucialot main
You're going to love this serene and tranquil slice of Felucia, as long as the humidity doesn't bother you.
—Store Description
  • Felucia Lot SC icon 300

Felucian Set Edit

075 cwa felucianset main
Make your home feel more exotic like the world of Felucia with these tropical and exciting furnishings!
—Store Description

This housing set includes the Felucian Bed, Felucian Couch, Felucian Planter, Felucian Table, Felucian Chair, Felucian Lamp, and Felucian Rug.

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