Emissary Event: "Speeder Bike Challenge"

An event is an official occasion held by the Clone Wars Adventures Community Team, who are known in-game as Emissaries. Usually every week on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Emissary Event will hold House Inspections, Trivia Events, and other varying events, which (since 25 May 2011) have chances to win a code for the droid, D-OT.

Special Events Edit


Around the time of the US holiday of Thanksgiving, the special Turkey Day event took place. Players who were at the event went to the Emissary's lot and had to stand within a square that was located on her stage. The object was to stand in the square without having either a Jawa or Gamorrean Guard appearing on it. If this happened, the player would be sent off the stage. The last player standing won the game.

During the birthday of Emissary Shirra, Emissary Event, Emissary Zat/Zatoia, Emissary Amnerys and House Inspector hosted a special event.

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