The Droideka, also known as the Destroyer Droid, is a shielded and considerably deadly battle droid used by Separatist forces. In Clone Wars Adventures, the Droideka makes appearances in several games including Republic Defender and Galactic Forces. A player can transform into a Droideka with the purchase of a Droideka Holoprojector. A reprogrammed version of the Destroyer Droid is available for purchase for 20 Station Cash as a furniture piece.


Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, Droidekas are classified as a rank 3 Separatist infantry unit. They are known for their considerably large amount of health, due to their shields, and can take more than twice as much damage as the Commando Droid. Due to their durability and high speed, Droidekas are able to whistand several attacks from heavy and light armor vehicles, and tend to outmatch most republic infantry units. With a rank 3 Weapons Lab, a single droideka can deal massive damage, being able to take out about half an AT-TE Repeater's health before being defeated.
Droideka Carlac

A Droideka

Republic DefenderEdit

In Republic Defender, Droidekas have a considerably large amount of health, so it is recommended that you take out their shields with an Ion Cannon or Ion Repeater as quickly as possible. When in their shielded states, Droidekas are relatively slow, but in their unshielded states, they are very fast. Much like the Dwarf Spider Droid they are deadliest when they progress through the paths in groups. Turrets such as the Gravity Generator, the Ion Repeater, the ARC Trooper Bunker or the Particle Beam Turret at Rank 5 are effective for destroying them.

Combat Zones Edit

Battle of Umbara Edit

In the Umbaran Bunkers and Airfield mission, the Droideka can be found in multiple areas, guarding doors and hallways. Like in other mini-games, the Droideka's shield must be taken down before it can be defeated.



They are also found and can be defeated on Ryloth . Only one or two are out on the battlefield at a time.

Skirmish On CarlacEdit

Droidekas are very rare on Carlac. They can only be found in a few locations in the Crashed Separatist Cruiser Area.

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