Defense of Maridun-briefing
Defense of Maridun is the first level of Republic Defender. It serves as a tutorial for newcomers to the game and is available with a free account. Defense of Maridun is the simplest and easiest of all levels and introduces two basic turrets: the Blaster Turret and the Particle Beam Turret. The level starts you out with a mere 180 energy, however this is sufficient enough to get you through without loosing any lives.


  • Focus on making blaster turrets until Super Battle Droids begin to appear.
  • Do not focus on upgrading particle beam turrets; they are expensive and will be hard to upgrade.
  • Place a Particle Beam Turret on the corner turret slot. Corner slots give turrets more time for the turret to attack, for the enemy will stay in range for a longer span of time.
  • Try to place your Particle beam turrets near the end of the path and Blaster turrets near the front of the path. The Blaster Turrets will clear out the weaker droids while your Particle Beam Turrets can focus on taking out the stronger droids without any interferences.
  • It is recommended only to upgrade turrets to rank 2. Rank 3 turrets are too costly for this level.

Enemy DroidsEdit