My passion is my strength!
—Dark Acolyte Warrior

The Dark Acolytes are a group of Sith enemies found in the Battle of Umbara near the entrance of the Ancient Sith Academy, at the south-east part of the map. These fighters aggressively attack any nearby players and are capable of hitting multiple targets with every strike, dealing heavy damage per hit. Doing anywhere from 300 to 400 damage. There are four known variants of them, Dark Acolyte Warriors, Dark Acolyte Healers, and Elite versions of both. Healers are also capable of attacking multiple foes simultaneously with Force lightning attacks. Using a Republic Missile Launcher or a weapons like a flame thrower are a good way to defeating the acolytes. Another good way to defeat them is to get them in a group around you and attack with your lightsaber since you can do damage to all of them at once. Although you may lose a large deal of health, this method is still very effective. Defeating one outside of the Academy grants a piece of the Sinister Holocron collection.

Gear Edit

Serve the dark side of the force with a commanding presence by equiping this dark acolyte suit!

- Official shop discription for dark side acolyte Dark Side Acolyte -2150 credits (Members only)

Ally youself to the dark side with this sinister armour set!

- Official store discription for Dark Side Adept -Dark side adept- 2150 credits (Members only)

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