The Daily Holocron board

Daily Holocron is a member only daily activity minigame in Clone Wars Adventures. Daily Holocron can only be played once per day, unless the player pays 15 boost points to play again.


The goal of the game is to earn credits by rolling a holocron with several symbols, similar to rolling a dice. Each symbol has a different credit value, and the symbol that is landed upon is always at random, similar to Daily Spin's concept.

Daily Holocron follows a complex system based around the days of the week. Every day of the week, there are four holocrons, which are no different from one another. For each day of the week with an empty

The credit values for each symbol

holocron slots, players earn 50 credits plus the amount earned in that day. More simply, the best way to receive the most credits is to play Daily Holocron every day of the week. When players receive credits, the Daily Holocron will give players a quote from Star Wars as well as credits.

Boosts Edit

Like other Daily Activities, there is only one boost that is available in Daily Holocron. For 15 Boost Points players can chose another holocron for the day. This is the only way to have more than 1 empty holocron slot in the same day. The boost can be used more than once per day. The credits already recived that day will not be added to players credits recived however.

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