Clone male bald

A Clone in full Clone Trooper armor.

A Clone Trooper is a soldier of the Grand Army of the Republic, and is an outfit set that can be bought with Station Cash.
  • Blaster - SC icon 20
  • Boots - SC icon 15
  • Gloves - SC icon 15
  • Armor - SC icon 20
  • Helmet - SC icon 20

Before May 20, 2011, the standard Clone Trooper outfit was the default gear for all users who chose the Clone Trooper as their species, and if the player did not chose the Clone Trooper as their default species, the set was available for purchase for Republic Credits. But this set was changed to SC and the default Clone Trooper outfit was changed to the Clone Cadet Casual Red Gear.

Phase II Clone TrooperEdit

Phase 2 clone trooper

A Phase II Clone Trooper

After the 16 September 2011 update, Phase II Clone Troopers were seen around the Jedi Temple and were later released as house guests. The wearable gear was still unreleased at the time of the game's shutdown. It was speculated that if a wearable version was released, it would not just be a helmet item, as there are slight differences in the armor designs between Phase I and Phase II such as the chestplates being more rectangular, this can be seen on character phase II armor such as commander wolffe's phase II set compared to his Phase I set, the elbow armor is shorter, and the kneepads are somewhat different. Although a normal version of this set is not avaliable SOE released a battle damaged version of the Phase II armor in the second set of Card Assault loot cards

Clone Trooper GuestsEdit

These loyal troopers are an excellent deterrent for thieving guests who happen to enter your stronghold!
—Store description

After the 27 January 2012 update, the Clone Trooper Guests furniture set was added, containing one Phase II Clone Trooper piece available for purchase with Republic Credits

  • Clone Trooper - RC icon 400
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