Clone Wars Adventures
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Developer Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher Sony Online Entertainment

Clone Wars Adventures was a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game based on the animated television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was made by Sony Online Entertainment and attracted over ten million players worldwide after its launch in September 2010. However, the game was shut down on March 31st, 2014.

Players created avatars in the Star Wars universe during the time of the Clone Wars and participated in a variety of mini-games and activities to earn credits. With these credits, they could buy new outfits to customize their avatar with, as well as other items like weapons, houses and even droids or creatures to serve as companions. Famous characters from the show also appeared in-game and interacted with the player.

Clone Wars Adventures was first announced on June 1, 2010. Beta testing began sometime in late July 2010, and the game was officially released on September 15, 2010. To begin the game, a player was required to first create a player account that costs no additional fees.

When signed up, players (Human or Twi'lek) started out with the Simple Padawan Robes outfit set, 1,000 Republic Credits and at one time (automatically or with a promotional code entered in advance) 199 Station Cash. The game consisted of a hub world (the Jedi Temple), where players can chat with each other, and many mini-games that one could play to earn credits. Credits could be used to customize characters' appearance, buy gear, furniture for player housing, and many other in-game objects.

Membership Edit

Membership to Clone Wars Adventures conferred special status on a player for a monthly fee. It allowed access to special gear, minigames, classes, areas, and other features not otherwise available to players. Players who purchased a membership to the game were known as members or Jedi members, due to their exclusive access to the Jedi class. Though the game was free-to-play, the features available to non-members were highly restricted, and membership was necessary to unlock the entire game.

Jedi membership cost additional fees which depended upon the length of the period purchased. Memberships could be paid for with a credit card online, or with Station Cash. Playing the game before paying for a membership was highly recommended.

DurationUS dollarsUK sterlingStation Cash
1 month$5.99£3.99SC icon 599
3 months$14.99£8.99SC icon 1,499
6 months$26.99£18.99SC icon 2,699
12 months$39.99£25.99SC icon 3,999
Lifetime$49.99£39.99SC icon 4,999

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