This is the battle zone Carlac

Carlac came out on 24 August 2012. It is the second combat zone to be listed in the games menu, styled as the Skirmish on Carlac. The Death Watch Mandalorian splinter group inhabits a vast amount of the terrain in the Carlac combat zone. Battle Droids can also be found here, but only near the crashed Seperatist cruiser. Five locations accesilbe by the street system besides the Republic outpost include the Destroyed Village, the Captive Village, Camp Ara'Nov, Camp Kote, and Camp Beskar.  Another location is an ice cave which holds  a gundark. The gundark is behind a ray sheild, while scientists study it. Eight new collections are available for this planet. These include Cold Warrior gear, gloves, boots, rifle and helmet, IG-113's Electrostaff, random Carlac furniture pieces and Death Watch Battle Tags

The SkirmishEdit


Inside a strange blocked off area lies a Gundark

When a Intergalactic Banking Clan starship crashes on Carlac, the Wolf Pack is sent to check it out and establish a Republic Outpost. After the Republic outpost is established, Commander Wolffe sends out some of his men to investigate the ship. The Seperatist ship that crashed was badly damaged, yet there were still many surviving droids.The men then try opening the ship up and go inside and try to investigate the mysterious cruiser. During this time the Republic Outpost begins to spot Death Watch Mercenaries, worried they recruit a Jedi Knight to explore and rescue this planet.The Jedi Knight heads to the planet Carlac and is informed of the Crashed Ship and the potental Death Watch threat. The Jedi Knight heads south to check out parts of the crashed ship but instead runs into a Destroyed Village. The Jedi investagates and discovers that Death Watch ,under the command of Seargent Kellov burned down the village. The Jedi finds Kellov and engages him hoping to capture him and bring him to the Republic Outpost. Instead the Jedi kills Kellov and continues south to check up on the Death Watch threats. The Jedi eventually runs into Camp Kote.








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