Promotional image for ARC Captain Burner

An ARC Trooper is among the most independent of clone soldiers, and Captain Burner has used that skill to lead many Lieutenants into battle!
—Store description

The ARC Captain Burner is a gear set that was released on April 22, 2011. The set is partially based on Lieutenant Thire's gear that appeared in the Star Wars the Clone Wars episode "Ambush". Unlike other ARC Trooper gear sets, Burner's gear follows the phase 1 clone trooper armor design. Captain Burner's name was made up entirely by SOE, much like Captain Breaker.

Cost Edit

This set requires Station Cash to purchase.

  • Helmet - SC icon 100
  • Armor - SC icon 150
  • Gloves - SC icon 50
  • Boots - SC icon 50
  • Total - SC icon 350
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