Captain Breaker on a Republic Attack Cruiser.

Captain Breaker is a Clone Trooper Captain in Clone Wars Adventures. He serves as the players' advisor for Geonosis Saga and Biggest Battles: Ryloth. Captain Breaker can be found standing in front of a LAAT Gunship (Transport offworld) in the back of the Hangar area.

Outfit setEdit

Captain Breaker Edit

Captain Breaker's outfit features his customized pauldron and clone trooper armor and his clone trooper helmet that comes with a flip up faceplate (the faceplate is stuck in the down position on the wearable gear). The back side of his armor seems to have an energy pack with a type of retractable blaster.

  • Boots - RC icon 1,500
  • Gloves - RC icon 1,500
  • Armor - RC icon 5,500
  • Helmet - RC icon 3,500

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