Biggest Battles: Ryloth was the second mini-game saga of the Clone Wars Adventures (the first being the Geonosis Saga). It featured eight special, Ryloth themed mini-game stages of Starfighter, Saber Strike (5 stages), Republic Defender, and Attack Cruiser, that could only be unlocked by Hasbro Station Cash codes, on certain dates, available from specially marked Star Wars Action Figures.

Once completed, the player would be awarded with the title "Hero of Ryloth", but unlike other mini-game Sagas, Biggest Battles: Ryloth did not award a commemorative trophy.

After the 30 September 2011 update, Biggest Battles: Ryloth was removed from the mini-game list and Ryloth, the in-game area where players could access the game, was remodeled.


Ryloth1Battle of Ryloth
Ryloth occupied! Separatist invasion forces swarm over the planet as the Republic arrives to assist the embattled Twi'leks! Emir Wat Tambor has sent Droid bombers to destroy the settlements on Ryloth, but Anakin Skywalker and his squadron rush to intercept them!
Ryloth2Mobile Walls
Assault on Ryloth! Crush the Droid defenses to protect the Twi'lek homeworld!
Ryloth3Heavy Defenses
Battle Droid barricade! Use the Power Slicer to break their defense!
Ryloth4Droid Labyrinth
Droid detonation! Use a Power Node near a group of Droids and set off a chain reaction!
Ryloth5Line of Fire
Blaster barrage! Destroy the console to turn their laser turret against them!
Ryloth6Wild Droidekas
Droidekas gone haywire! Time your throw carefully to get past their shields
Ryloth7Separatist Wrath
Liberation on Ryloth! As the Republic forces drive the Droid Army back, Wat Tambor targets innocent Twi'lek villages for destruction!
Ryloth8Venator Skirmish
As Republic forces maintain a tenuous grip over the war-torn world of Ryloth, a Separatist fleet moves in to try and retake the planet! Now the crew of a Republic Attack Cruiser are all that stand between the enemy and the planet's surface!
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