Commando Barrage

Commando Barrage is a Clone Trooper Commando in Clone Wars Adventures. He makes an appearance on Iceberg Three and as an outfit set.


Commando Barrage Edit

Barrage's armor naturally warns any enemy of the Republic that a clone should be seen as a threat! - Promotional description

The Commando Barrage clone trooper outfit set was released in the 3 June 2011 update. The Commando Barrage outfit set is so far the most expensive outfit set in the game, costing a hefty RC icon 100,000. Although Barrage is labeled as a clone trooper commando, the set follows the same armor design of the Spiked Trooper, however it is colored deep shades of red and black. Commando Barrage's armor was modeled entirely by SOE and was never seen in the official Star Wars storyline. The Commando Barrage set is currently the most expensive outfit set for Republic Credits, and the armor second to the Kashyyyk Lightsaber in most expensive item.

Barrage's Boots
Jedi icon RC icon10,000
Barrage's Gloves
Jedi icon RC icon10,000
Barrage's Armor
Jedi icon RC icon50,000
Barrage's Helmet
Jedi icon RC icon30,000

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