B2 Super Battle Droids are enemies in multiple Minigames and Combat zones.
B2 Carlac

A B2 Super Battle Droid

The B2 can also be found as a Droid Guest furniture piece, and as a holoprojector.


Republic DefenderEdit

B2 Super Battle Droids are encountered in Republic Defender. They are first seen there in first stage of Maridun and appear on every level throughout the game. Larger in appearance, they are slower than most battle droids but can take more damage. They will provide 20 energy when destroyed. A second version exists, the Super Battle Droid Commander. This upgraded version is very hard to destroy. It takes a large amount of damage to take them down, and they usually appear in large groups. They appear in Galactic Forces, Republic Defender, Blaster Training (hologram version), Hasbro Attack Shuttle, and Saber Strike.

Combat ZonesEdit

Battle of UmbaraEdit

In Battle of Umbara, Super Battle Droids serve as enemy droid units. They have noticeably more health than almost all other units and usually require around three to four shots or lightsaber attacks to take down. In addition to their wrist blasters, there are some B2-HAs.B2-HAs are super battle droid commanders. A few Super Battle Droids and B2-HAs can be found leading groups of B1 Battle Droids while many can be found wandering around the Umbaran forests.
B2 Umbara

A B2 on Umbara

Skirmish on CarlacEdit

In the Skirmish on Carlac Combat Zone, B2 Super Battle Droids are only found at the crashed Separatist cruiser. There they behave like the Umbara Super Battle Droids.

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