Aquatic Assault
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Type Shooter
Jedi only? Yes
Stages 3

Aquatic Assault is a mini-game that was released in the 30 September 2011 update. It is a shooter style mini-game where players control Jedi Master Kit Fisto piloting his mini-sub against oncoming waves of enemies. The mini-game was based on the events that occured during the Second Battle of Mon Calamari. The power-up format appears to be based on Republic Gunship's. This mini-game was released on around mid-February 2012.

Game Edit

Difficulties Edit

  • Easy - First waves are smaller, but become more frequent and come in greater numbers.
  • Medium - Enemies are reasonably stronger and faster.
  • Hard - Multiple waves of all enemies at once.

Enemies Edit

  • Aqua Droid
  • Karakarodon
  • Quarren Warrior
  • Hydroid Medusa

Power-Ups Edit

The Power-Ups will appear occasionally when an enemy is defeated or destroy a floating crate. These boost weaponry and speed, and can also grant extra lives and point bonuses.

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