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A Jedi fights for peace and justice, and remains loyal to the Jedi Order. These robes show that you'd never change your stripes.

-Store Description

The Ancient Dahgee Jedi is a Jedi outfit set that was released on May 27, 2011. It is one of the most expensive outfit sets in the game, costing RC icon36,000, and is based on the Jedi who dwelled on the system of Dahgee during the days of the Old Republic. The set includes striped Jedi robes, boots, and gloves. Most notably, it also includes a Dahgee Lightsaber crystal, which makes lightsabers produce a dark silver blade with a colored aura surrounding it.


This outfit set requires a Jedi Membership to purchase. The Ancient Dahgee Jedi's lightsaber includes a green Lightsaber crystal and a Dahgee Lightsaber crystal.

Dahgee Jedi Boots
RC icon 3,000
Dahgee Jedi Gloves
RC icon 3,000
Dahgee Jedi Lightsaber
RC icon 20,000
Dahgee Jedi Robes
RC icon 10,000
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