Skywalker as he appears in-game

A child born of the prophecy of the Chosen One and possibly conceived by the will of the Force itself, Anakin Skywalker has left an indelible mark on the history of the galaxy, leading it through periods of lightness and dark. Discovered as a slave child on Tatooine by the unorthodox Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, he was brought into the Jedi Order and quickly ascended to become one of its brightest stars and its finest pilots. He can be found in the Jedi Temple hangar and on Ryloth with R2-D2, in charge of the mini-game, Starfighter. Anakin is also found as a dark side apparition in the Sith Academy on Umbara. He also appears in the Lightsaber Duel and Galactic Forces mini games.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, Anakin is the Rank one Command Post for the Republic, who uses his Lightsaber and the Force to attack one to four units at a time, though he can be quickly overpowered by a large number of heavy units.
Galactic Forces Anakin

Anakin as he appears in Galactic Forces

Lightsaber DuelEdit

Anakin is the 14th, and final, enemy in Lightsaber Duel. Being the final enemy, he can be quite fast. He has a classic duel pluss 3 challenge.


Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Even the Chosen One needs a change of wardrobe sometimes, especially when it's into these new Jedi battle robes.
Anakin Skywalker's Boots
SC icon 50
Anakin Skywalker's Gloves
SC icon 50
Anakin Skywalker's Robes
SC icon 200

Mustafar Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Mustafar Anakin Skywalker 64
These robes were inspired by Anakin Skywalker's commitment to justice that is just as fiery as the lava world of Mustafar!

Mustafar Anakin Skywalker was released on the 5th August 2011. It is a Red repaint of the Anakin Skywalker outfit. Like all other repainted outfits, this outfit is unique to the game and has not been seen in the television series.

Mustafar Anakin's Boots
SC icon 50
Mustafar Anakin's Gloves
SC icon 50
Mustafar Anakin's Tunic
SC icon 300

Icy Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Icy Anakin Skywalker 64
Not even the most frozen climates can stop a jedi in these robes, used by Anakin Skywalker when the situation gets cold

Icy Anakin Skywalker was released on the 8th July 2011. It is a white and light blue repaint of the Anakin Skywalker outfit set and was most likely made to promote Mission on Iceberg Three. Like all other repainted outfits, this outfit is unique to the game and has not been seen in the television series.

Icy Anakin Boots
SC icon 50
Icy Anakin Gloves
SC icon 50
Icy Anakin Tunic
SC icon 300

Covert Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Covert Anakin Skywalker 64
These are a covert version of Anakin Skywalker's robes, sure to prevent any Jedi from sticking out while on a mission!
Covert Anakin Boots
SC icon 50
Covert Anakin Gloves
SC icon 50
Covert Anakin Tunic
SC icon 350

Diver Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Diver Anakin Skywalker 64
This rugged underwater gear is essential for any operation taking place below the waves of Mon Calamari.

Diver Anakin Skywalker was released on the 16th September 2011.

Diver Anakin Skywalker's Helmet
SC icon 150
Republic Diver Flippers
SC icon 75
Republic Diver Gloves
SC icon 50
Republic Diver Wetsuit
SC icon 150

Original Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Original Anakin Skywalker 64
Exclusively at Target! Purchase 10 dollar Station Cash Cards to collect the Anakin Skywalker set!
Each card grants 1000 Station Cash plus 1 item.
Anakin Skywalker's Original Boots
Anakin Skywalker's Original Gloves
Anakin Skywalker's Original Robes

Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber


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