Adrift is the 14th level of Republic Defender and the second level of the Outer Rim section. It is a smaller stage, consisting of a single straight line with turret slots on both sides. It also introduces the Gravity Generator which reduces the speed of nearby enemies.


  • The Mortar Cannon, Turbolaser Battery, Anti-air Turret, Ion Cannon, Energy Generator, and Gravity Generator are the turrets recommended for this level.
  • Gravity Generators should be placed in a zig-zagged pattern across the path, slowing the droids' movement throughout the whole path. Place Turbolaser Batteries near your Gravity Generators so that they have more time to attack faster, stronger, enemies.
  • Ion Cannons placed near the front of the path aids in eliminating shields as quickly as possible.
  • On the eight turret slots, located away from the main path, four Anti-Air Turrets and four Energy Generators should be placed, Generators at Rank 5, and Anti-Air turrets as Rank 3.
  • Vehicles tend to come in large masses in this level. Upgrading a Turbolaser Battery to rank 5 gives an easier time with vehicles.