Two ARC Troopers on Iceberg Three.

ARC Troopers (Advanced Recon Commandos) are Clone Troopers with advanced training. Most ARC Troopers can be identified by the experimental Phase Two armor they wear, like Commander Cards. The color of an ARC Trooper's armor usually signifies rank. ARC Troopers make appearances as item sets and in minigames including Republic Defender, Galactic Forces, and Card Commander. ARC troopers can also be found defending the Republic outposts on Umbara and Ryloth. These ARC troopers use the ARC Trooper Commander design.

Outfit SetsEdit

There are many ARC Troopers outfit sets that can be obtained

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, ARC Troopers are rank 2 Republic infantry units. Compared to their rank 1 counterparts, ARC Troopers are all round better units, having a greater amount of health and attack power. Unless your opponent has a Weapons Factory it takes a total of three hits from an AAT or Dwarf Spider Droid to defeat a single ARC Trooper, making them suitable for swarming. ARC Troopers can be upgraded to Flamethrower Clone Troopers or Sniper Clone Troopers.

In Galactic Forces, the ARC Troopers use the ARC Trooper Commander's armor design.

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